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Unisex Silicone Swim Cap - Team Zoot 2023

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The Zoot Silicone Swim Cap is the most comfortable cap you'll wear in the water. The textured interior prevents hair snags, so you can swim with ease. The cap is very durable, hypoallergenic, and has a low drag coefficient. It can be worn on race day on its own (where permitted) or under a latex cap required for the event. Perfect for all training and racing environments and will withstand tons of pool and open water use.
  • Micro Grid Texture on the inside of the cap provides more comfort with less snagging and pulling of hair
  • 100% SILICONE (hypoallergenic) Latex-free
  • Tear resistant and more durable than latex
  • Reduces drag and protects hair against chlorine and sun damage
  • Snug Fit- Keeps hair pulled cleanly away from face and neck while swimming
  • Rippled Edge- Creates a secure fit around the base of the cap
  • Unisex, standard size ideal for adult men or women

• 100% Silicone (hypoallergenic)

• Wet hair before use
• Do not leave in direct sunlight
• Rinse with cold water after use
• Dust with talcum powder to extend life
• Avoid contact with sharp objects

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Our LTD collections are our bread and budder line-up. We release several collections throughout the year, supply always one batch, and go on to the next one. This continuous circle of new collections is why we call them limited – LTD. The Zoot LTD collections showcase our creativity in design that stands out on and off the racecourse with technology trickled down from our Ultra collection. LTD represents the limited number of these unique collection pieces we create each season. With high-tech fabrics and Zoot’s legendary comfort, these limited collections don’t last long.


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Unisex Silicone Swim Cap - Team Zoot 2023

7,45 € Regular price 17,95 €


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