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5 Triathlon Tips From The Hoff

5 Triathlon Tips From The Hoff

1.  Tips for running strong off the bike: Two things I try to focus on when running off the bike are to really fuel the end of the ride to...

Team Zoot Athlete - Jason Horne

Team Zoot Athlete - Jason Horne

10YR AGE GROUPER NOT ENDING IN DIVORCE With the racing scene being a little lean this year, even non-existent, there has been plenty of time to reflect. A little over...

sunset over the pacific

Team Zoot Athlete Profile – Dale Axford

 Imagine this: 90 degrees, cloudless blue skies, and a light breeze gently blowing across a calm sea. Sounds picturesque right? Almost like I’m describing the perfect vacation destination. Now to...

team zoot

The Power of Porridge

“If everyone started the day with porridge (oatmeal), it would have a significant impact on public health and eating one bowl per day could transform the health of a nation.”



Swimming should be a focal point during the winter months By Michellie Jones and Coach Robo

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